Marcy Janyure

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Who is Marcy Janyure

Marcy is a Zimbabwean female singer, songwriter ,guitar and mbira player. She is more of a social commentator. Her music is about what human beings face daily or through the journey of life. Their happiness, fears, concerns, hopes and mostly issues that society shuns.

Band Members

My History

l have 2 albums and 2 singles. One of her single Usachinje Moyo is a collaboration she did with the jazz maestro Louis Mhlanga in 2015.Her first 6 track album Chishuwo was released in 2011 the name meant (a Wish or wishes) followed by Maboora Ngoma single in 2014. NDADA was released in 2019 it has 6 tracks. The name referred to how she had deeply fallen in love with music. Mwana’ngu is her latest production released in 2022.

Expert Team

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