Marcy Janyure

All Set for Marcy’s Mwana’ngu Single Launch

Afrojazz songbird Marceline Janyure will be launching a single ‘Mwana’ngu’ tomorrow at Sherwood Golf Club in Harare.
Speaking to this publication,the diva said in ‘Mwana’ngu’ she touches on the emotive subject of parenthood.
“In the single, I speak how many a times parents endure torrid time to explain certain things to their children. For example, a single parent will find it difficult to narrate why he or she divorced.
“How can a woman explain to her child that he or she was born out of rape,” explained Janyure.
She says the song also cautions children not to loathe their upbringing because parents would have tried their best.
“In the song, I try to advise children to accept and respect their parents no matter what status they will be in.
“You may not find closure on certain information but probably your parent/s will be doing this to protect you,” she added.
The Chitungwiza-born artiste will be ably supported by ‘Bp Yangu Yakwira-hitmaker Prudence Katomeni-Mbofana, Mazwi, Telah Walani and Memo.
The Black Things Band leader produced the single which was then engineered and mastered at Eagles Studios.
Marcy as she is affectionately known in the music industry is working on a video for the single.
She is not new in the music industry having collaborated with South African-based Jazz legend Louis Mhlanga on a duet ‘Usachinje Moyo’.
Currently, she is doing a three-year Diploma in Music and a certificate in the music business with Music Crossroads Academy.

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