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The Vee Bag(Marcy Janyure)

Friday Talent Check – MARCY MUSIC

MEET talented singer and songwriter Marcy Janyure who started her career in music 14 years ago when she formed an outfit called The reality shackers band, she performed with the band for 3 years doing covers by various artists. After discovering a new sound and identity, Marcy changed the band name to Blackthings.

She has 3 albums and 2 singles to date. Her first production titled Chishuwo is a six-track album produced by the legendary Mono Mukundu of Monolio Studios, the album was given a 4 star rating by Prince Mushawato of the Herald news back in 2011.

Her second project Maboorangoma came out in 2014 and was produced by Mono Mukundu again. In 2015 she collaborated with South African Jazz maestro Louis Mhlanga on a single called Usachinje Moyo produced by Garvin Eckhart.

In 2018 she released her third album called NDADA followed by her most recent single Mwanangu released on the 24th of September 2022.

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